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Description – Hello? How are the Videomax Friends? Meet again with us who always appear to present various applications, games and tutorials about the latest technology, Well on this occasion, we will discuss an interesting game that is Sonic Dash Mod Apk.

If you were born in the 90s, surely you are familiar with the sonic character of the blue hedgehog that can run very fast like a flash.

Sonic itself is a character from a children’s film and also a legendary character from a sega game that was once present on the Playstation 1 game, and also the game zone.

After not appearing in the gaming industry for a long time, this character then returns to the Android and iOS mobile versions in the form of video games that attract the attention of many people.

Many people are waiting for this character in a game character who was much liked in his day, and now we will discuss and also share it for you.

What is Sonic Dash Mod Apk?

Sonic Dash Mod Apk is an endless run action and adventure game produced by SEGA developers, where you can play with sonic characters in it.

Sonic figures themselves can run very fast, and in this game you have a mission to collect rings, to be collected as much as possible.

In this game you will find various obstacles that will make this game more exciting and also interesting, and also you will find many unexpected things.

Obstacles that you can find in the form of crabs that will block the road that you will pass and also wooden blocks, here you have to pass or destroy them by jumping or avoiding them.

And you will also get extra strength here to destroy obstacles by crashing into them, but if you don’t have special powers, you will lose, and will have to repeat the game.

So what are the features in this Sonic Dash Mod Apk game? let’s see what features it provides below:

The main features of Sonic Dash

  1. Amazing abilities

Take advantage of the power of sonic to get through dangerous obstacles, to destroy and pass all obstacles.

  1. Quality graphics

In the game Sonic Dash Mod Apk you will enjoy good graphics and very interesting and pampering eyes, you will not be bored to play it with realistic graphics.

  1. Double character

here you can not only play sonic characters, but there are many more characters that you can use to add friends from sonic. and you can use to play

  1. Epic Boss Battles

You will find the toughest opponents of sonic, and you must be able to defeat them with the agility that you do.

  1. Power Up

Get a variety of additional strengths by opening / buying power-ups, to improve the skills and abilities of the characters you play in this game.

  1. Running without stopping

Find lots of prizes, run as long as possible and find other greatest opponents, and be the first place winner of this endless run game.

How to Install

How to install this application is very easy and for those who don’t know how to install it, you can follow the steps below.

  1. The first thing Dharus does is download the application at the link we provide above.
  2. If you have already downloaded it, to be able to install third-party applications, you must turn on “unknown sources”. which is located in the Settings menu-> Privacy and Security.
  3. After you have finished setting up unknown sources, you can click on the apk directly and then install the application. Wait for the installation process to finish.
  4. And this application is ready to use.
  5. Done




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