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WhatsApp-Mod blocking not blocked APK Mod-WhatsApp prevents users from using the Mod version of WhatsApp. Users who continue to use WhatsApp mode will be temporarily blocked from their account.

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Mod is one of the most popular applications for WhatsApp users as it has many advantages over the official version downloaded through PlayStore.

However, due to the official WhatsApp website, users cannot use the WhatsApp Mod application. If you continue to use WhatsApp Mod, your account will be temporarily blocked.

However, there are still a lot of WhatsApp users who want to use the mod version of WhatsApp for various reasons. One of them are some features that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp.

The official WHATSAPP is currently blocking the WHATSAPP mode of GB WHATSAPP and WHATSAPP Plus, but there are still many unblocked WHATSAPP modes that are still available.

Fouad WhatsApps WhatsApp Mod, developed by FouadMODS, is still a WhatsApp mode that can be used without blocking or banishing.


  • Preserve the image quality during transmission
  • Set the video quality to be broadcast
  • Send 90 images simultaneously from your mobile gallery
  • Video time increased by up to 7 minutes
  • Transfer APK, PDF and ZIP files up to 700 MB in size
  • Add up to 260 group members
  • Increase the number of text characters to 255
  • Perfect sticker function

Data protection features:

Hide input status
Enter a message to tell your chat partner what your chat partner entered. WhatsApp With WhatsApp you can hide.

Hide your online status
This feature makes it easy to hide your online status when it is activated in the WhatsApp application. Therefore, your friends will not know that you are opening the WhatsApp application.

Hide checklist
This feature can fool your chat partner. If you activate these two functions, your phone will only look for a status message when your friend sends you a message (as if you had not yet sent it). I have read the message, but this function can also be activated in the group.

Always online
This function is the opposite of the “Hide online status” function. If you activate this function, it is always displayed online, even when you are sleeping and not holding your phone in your hand

Anti-erase message
With this feature, chat friends cannot retrieve or delete messages from them.

How to Install

  • Download the apk file provided above.
  • If so, install the application and then activate the installation from unknown sources
  • Then, open the application and press the green button that says Agree and Continue
  • Enter your mobile number, then verify and log in as usual.
  • Done.

Thus the discussion about WhatsApp Mod Anti Block Apk Mod That Has Not Been Blocked. Please use this mod before whatsapp also blocks Whatsapp’s Fouad. May be useful.

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