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Kinemaster Diamond Download the free Mod 4K Apk without the watermark – A professional videographer naturally has a strong love for the video world.

They usually just start this profession from a hobby. It is possible to capture moments that cannot be repeated twice. In the end, this work was considered promising.

You can also skip if you can find the right application to learn how to edit videos, for example with Kinemaster Diamond.

The right application will really help you to develop the potential you have. Especially in the era of digitization like today. People prefer watching videos to learn something rather than reading books.

This is why there are many new YouTube users in Indonesia with different content.

Because the human brain is designed to better understand things when accompanied by images and sounds, you can try opportunities to become a professional videographer, just like any other videographer.

What is Kinemaster Diamond?

Kinemaster Diamond Apk

One of the most popular video editing applications in Indonesia is Kinemaster. This Korean application is intended for people who like to edit via mobile.

Although it does not exclude the possibility of being accessed via a PC or laptop. Well, if you are a person who likes to travel without the hassle of carrying a laptop, but also want to edit videos, you can try downloading this Kinemaster application on Playstore or iOS.

Because the Kiemaster Diamond application is intended for people who have only learned to make videos or have become a professional videographer, designers in the Gingseng country have completed this with a variety of interesting functions.

Starting with the addition of audio that can be in the form of music or sound recordings, text that can be easily adjusted, colors that can be changed as desired, to lighting that can be added and reduced.

Interesting function in Kinemaster Diamond?

If you have successfully downloaded the Kinemaster Diamond application as described above, you can edit it.

Before editing, make sure you bring a headset so you can hear it first when you plug it in.

For more information, here is the Kinemaster Diamond function that you can use based on your creativity.

  1. There are no other watermarks on Kinemaster Diamond when you finish your video. The existence of a watermark from the name of the application used to edit videos is quite frustrating for some people.
    It has a blue background theme that is different from Kinemaster in general.
  2. Already equipped with an interesting three-dimensional effect, different from the usual Kinemaster.
  3. Even though it is paid, you can get premium access from this Kinemaster Diamond.
  4. It has impressive fading, additional effects, and mosaic functions.
  5. Has a function that can control video speeds up to X8.
  6. Has a good color filter function and is different from other applications.
  7. If Kinemaster has not been able to increase the resolution of video images in the past, you can set the resolution to 4K with Kinemaster Diamond.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Diamond Kinemaster?

Each application certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages, as does the Kinemaster Diamond video editing application. What are the pros and cons? The following explanation.


  • Already have the speed or speed up to 16X.
  • There are no limitations to the use of layers, or this application has video layers that are truly unlimited!
  • Automatically optimized speed.
  • Has the latest mix.
  • It can be exported up to 4k @ 60fps.
  • Don’t have watermarks anymore.
  • The video resolution obtained increases.
  • Chroma Key Enabled.


  • The original paid Kinemaster Diamond application. But now all that can be resolved with the increasing number of people who have free applications.
  • Weaknesses at this point cannot be expected by the makers of Kinemaster, which means that the video quality in every Kinemaster, including Diamond, can only reach HD. Although it would be better if the above resolution. So the higher the video resolution, the clearer the results.
  • For those of you who have a paid Kinemaster Diamond application, you certainly understand that this one application is not offered for free. Unfortunately, despite being paid, there are also features that cannot be accessed if they are not monthly customers.

So that’s the assessment this time about the Kinemaster Diamond. For those of you who are interested in becoming videographers or who are interested in learning how to edit videos, you might want to try this video editing application.

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