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Download the latest version of HTTP Injector APK Pro-We recommend that you know the purpose of the application before downloading the HTTP Injector APK.

Especially for those who don’t understand the problem of this application, you need to know the function first.

The function of the HTTP Injector application is to support the Internet free of charge and to save your credit and usage quota with your Android phone.

You can save money indirectly on the Internet. You can also save money.

It is not a problem if you try to use this app. Applications that save space and solve financial problems.

The more economical it is, the less you help to overcome economic problems.

What is HTTP Injector?

The advantage of this app is that you can surf the cyberspace for free.
The second advantage is that the IP address can easily be used abroad.
The final benefit is to speed up the internet and increase security.


  • Version upgrade
  • Android 8.0 support
  • DNS Changer
  • Custom path setting
  • Purchase Recovery
  • Reset generator settings
  • Open to Wi-Fi use
  • Support for UDPGW and local port binding


  • application performance
  • Show last modified file
  • User Interface (Fixed)
  • More support for import files
  • Ability to detect network changes on Android 7+
  • Interference with biological devices
  • After connecting to multiple devices, I encountered problems and improved many more.


  • Support for more file import situations
  • Ability to detect network changes on Android 7+
  • Interference with biological devices
  • Accident after connecting to multiple devices etc.
  • Now the changes are very interesting. Many of the latest features and improvements have been compromised and can be helpful

Try this app out because this app is free. Download this app right away and enjoy the various feature changes.

Therefore, this is a description of how to download the latest version of the HTTP injector. I hope it helps.

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