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Download WhatsApp GB Mod Apk The latest lightweight anti blocking version – Does anyone know what GBWhatsapp is? What is GBWhatsApp? I have often read about GBWhatsApp,

But I ignore because this application is not good in the Play Store. What functions does GBWhatsApp offer? and if you want to download it, how? Let’s just discuss …

What is GB WhatsApp?

Because the name contains the word WhatsApp, do you think this is an application related to WhatsApp? You are absolutely right, this is an application that only deals with WhatsApp.

GBWA is actually a fashionable version of WhatsApp that was not developed by an official owner, but was developed by someone else.

This version of WhatsApp works exactly like the original application but offers many choices. In short, this is just an expanded version of the official WhatsApp application.

Much of the software or applications that we use are set limits to maintain user privacy and many other things that are being considered by developers.

But there are a number of different tools and ways that can help us cross that line.

And GBWhatsApp is one tool that helps us go beyond this limit by offering another version with extensive functionality.

GBWhatsApp function

whatsapp gb Mod

Functions offered by the GBWhatsapp app:

  • You can send videos up to 50MB which you cannot do if you use the official WhatsApp, because the official version allows up to 16MB.
  • You can also send up to 100 images at once with GBWhatsApp. If you use the official version of Whatsapp, you cannot send more than 30 at a time.
  • You can hide the status, status type, last seen, double check mark and blue check mark.
  • You can create group names with a maximum of 35 characters that you cannot do if you use the official WhatsApp.
  • You can change the WhatsApp theme to your liking and talk with others in more than 100 different languages.
  • You can use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone with GBWhatsApp.
  • By using GBWhatsApp, you can read messages without visible blue check marks. This means that the sender cannot know whether the message sent has been read by the recipient or not. This method is really needed for WhatsApp users where their privacy does not want to be known by other users for some reason.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

The GBWhatsApp application is generally safe to use, but because it is not official, there is no guarantee whatsoever.

So, use it wisely, if you really need it, use the rest of whatsapp officially because the security level is clear.

How to install GBWhatsApp

All Android phones are set to only install applications from the official Google Play Store, but you can also install applications from other sources. Enough to change settings.

To do this, open Settings >> Security and look for unknown sources. continue Activate. By activating this, you allow the phone to install applications from unknown sources. This trick is also called the sideload application.

Now tap on the GBWhatsApp APK file that you downloaded and continue. This application will ask you to verify the cellphone number as you did when installing the official WhatsApp.

Is this application not good? But still, the risk is the user’s responsibility, because this is not an official version.

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