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Nairo Mix
v 8.30
December 17, 2019
Android 4.0 and Above
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WhatsApp Mix APK name itself indicates that you have a mix of several modified WhatsApp apps. Therefore WhatsApp Mix APK can be downloaded for Android devices.

Mainly based on GBWhatsApp from Atnfas Hoaks (GBMods). All functions are similar to those of GBWA and contain some additional functions.

I have already said that this is a mix of popular things that resemble this app. So you can choose many options in one place.

It is available in two versions. One is 3d and the other is 2d or normal. Nobody can make a big difference.

All symbols and the user interface are only displayed in 3D style. This is the only thing to consider when choosing an application version. Anyone who likes 3D icon styles and user interfaces should choose WhatsApp Mix 3D Edition.

Whats is WhatsApp Mix?

This is based on the already mentioned GBWhatsApp. However, you can get additional modes that are obtained exclusively from WhatsApp Mix.

Nairo Mix developed this Android application for those who need more features than the traditional one. It’s easy to figure out which options you really need and which are only available in 3D styles.

If you think Nairo Mix is the best fit for your changes, you can donate here through PayPal. You can gratefully spend the amount you think is worth the effort.


  • I have provided download links for all three elements at once. Are you really taking care of yourself? Go to WhatsApp Mix
  • Privacy options – This includes many privacy options. Go to Menu >> Privacy >> Read.
  • Backup – Provides backup, e.g. B. Titan Backup. This is very useful when installing a new version.
  • Custom video player – Set the video player to display the video. Download MX Player Pro.
  • There are many areas where you can determine the custom shape.
  • Always online – stays online even when the screen is off.
  • Use the key security question to set a lock for the entire application.
  • And many more

How to install the application

Of course, you need to do the installation first before using the application. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Please download the WhatsApp Mix apk first.
  • Before installing, we recommend that you go to Settings-> Chat-> Backup Now to make a backup copy of your WhatsApp application.
  • Open the store, find the WA folder, create a folder with the zip extension, and save.
  • After saving, you can delete the official application and install WhatsApp Mix.
  • Open the installed application and enter it with the WA number.
  • If you have extended notifications, click Download Now.
  • Enter the verification code sent via SMS.
  • Enter your WA name and profile.
  • When you receive a message, select Restore Now to restore your previous chat.

That is our review of WhatsApp Mix that we have explained in this article. This is an alternative for those of you who like the features of WhatsApp Mod Version. So just download the application without hesitation by clicking the download button that we have provided in this article. Thank you.

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