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Video Bokeh – For those of you currently looking into the world of videography or just interested in this field, the following best bokeh video apps should be on the list of device apps you use.

Because with the help of the following application, you can make a pretty attractive looking video where the video will have a video background that will become blurry or blurry, while the main object of the video will look more clear and in focus.

Best Bokeh Video App

This time, the writing team has prepared 5 applications in which you try to create a bokeh effect in the video you are working on.

1. After Focus

The first application we recommend is an application called After Focus which was developed by the developer MotionOne.

This app is on the top list because it has a number of sophisticated features for bokeh video production and is a widely used app by users.

One of the functions of this application that is quite useful and that is preferred by users is the smart focus area selection function.

With this feature, it is very easy for users to create a bokeh effect because they only need to draw a few lines in the area they want to focus on in the prepared video.

2. Insta Bokeh

Next, there is an app called Insta Bokeh. This application is also very popular among those who want to edit videos with bokeh effects using smartphones.

One of the advantages of this application is the possibility of using the application to fine-tune the parts you want to make bokeh.

In addition, users can also adjust the thickness of the bokeh effect they want to create and add light effects that can be adjusted according to the user’s wishes.

3. WizardVideo

Also, there is an application to create a bokeh effect called MagoVideo. In addition to working to provide a bokeh effect for videos, this application can also be used to replace the background with other colors.

For example, users are provided with functions to replace the background with gradation color effects, white, black and other colors as desired by the user.

4. Google camera

In the following command there is an application made by the technology giant Google, using an application called Google Camera.

This application is equipped with a feature to create a bokeh effect called Lens Blur. Given the great name that Google has as one of the largest tech companies in the world, it is clear that this application has no doubts about its capabilities.

But unfortunately this app can only work on Pixel and Nexus smartphones. Meanwhile, for other brands, you can only install the old version of Google Camera app.

5. Real Bokeh

The last order we recommend is an app called real bokeh. This application is powerful enough to make a bokeh effect on the video you make.

Equipped with approximately 33 light effects and 36 bokeh shapes that you can use, this app also offers a function to create your own images as you want it to be used as the background for the bokeh effect.

6. KineMaster

KineMaster is currently one of the best popular video editors. This application has several functions that make it easy for you to edit videos.

To create a video with a blur or bokeh effect, just make a few adjustments and choose some suitable effects.

Key Features of the KineMaster App:

  • There are different filter and color options to create very interesting videos.
  • There are blending modes that can create beautiful video effects.
  • Users can cut any part of the video that is edited.
  • This app really supports multiple layers of videos, stickers, images, text, and even handwriting.
  • Video speed can be fully controlled, allowing for time-lapse or slow motion video.
  • Users can also add post sounds if they wish.
  • There is an animated keyframe tool that creates motion that needs to be pasted to any layer in the video.

Hence, information on the five best Bokeh video apps that will try to create a blur or bokeh effect on your video.

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