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YouTube Vanced
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YouTube Vanced
v 14.21.54
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YouTube Vanced Apk – YouTube Vanced works like Mod Youtube. This app contains many additional functions that you can use to solve annoying problems when using the regular version of Youtube.

The idea for this project came from Xposed. In fact, the original app was called YouTube Background Play and the project name was changed to YouTube Vanced (short for Advanced).

From this moment on, we will introduce you to a modified YouTube app that contains functions such as YouTube Premium and YouTube Vanced.

To learn more, we refer to our ratings and a brief explanation below.

What is The YouTube Vanced?

The original version of Youtube is very bad because you cannot run it in the background. When your friend sends messages from Messenger while listening to your favorite songs.

To reply to a message, you must pause your favorite music and switch to another program. As a result, the music listening experience stops immediately.

Vanced YouTube overcomes these disadvantages. With this app you can play background music on your smartphone’s popular music player.

So you can listen to music, read magazines, send text messages or use Instagram on YouTube. This app also works, even when the screen is locked.

This app blocks ads when you watch videos on Youtube. If you’re watching movies, listening to music, watching videos with cooking tips, or getting annoyed with advertisements, this app can solve your problem.

This function is activated by default when you download this app to your phone. Of course, you can selectively activate or deactivate this function.

This app has a different interface than the original application, so it can be installed and used easily.

Can you belive that? You can now enlarge a video with two fingers, e.g. B. enlarge the image. This function is optimized for devices with an 18: 9 display and rabbit ear screens.

YouTube Vanced also calculates a maximum resolution for each video. This means that you always watch videos in the highest resolution. Make sure your internet speed is stable for this feature to work.


  • There are no ads.
  • Play in the background.
  • Force higher resolution (4K if you are using an HD screen).
  • Black and white, dark theme.
  • Move your finger to adjust the brightness and size.
  • Automatic loop.
  • Enlarge

How to Install

  • Download the APK file
  • Download the apk file that we have provided above.
  • Activate Unknown Source
  • Open smartphone settings and activate “unknown source”, enter settings> other> privacy> enable unknown sources.
  • Install it
  • Install the apk that you have downloaded then tap and click install on the bottom right.
  • Done
  • Wait for the installation process to run, until it is finished.


That is our review of the YouTube Vanced application. In our opinion, this is a very useful application and is expected by those of us who like to listen to music through YouTube.

With this application we will not be disturbed by advertisements and can play the audio even though the screen is locked. What are you waiting for immediately download and feel the features right now. Thanks.

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