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Minecraft Earth Apk – Minecraft Earth is a game for you that loves adventure and creativity. A few months after the release of the AR version of Minecraft, Minecraft Earth APK was released by Microsoft and Mojang in beta.

However, the editors gave priority to iOS users because they launched games on this platform. In the current version of Android games, players can pre-register.

Well, this time we will explain the content of this game and remember that we will also share this app via the download link in the article below. So we come to the following point.

What is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth uses AR technology, the trademark of the original version of Minecraft. This game uses the latest AR technologies such as AR Azure Spatial Neoor’s AR and PlayFab. This gives you a realistic experience.

Just like Pokemon GO, the fantasy world in Minecraft Earth is created in the real world. Your living room can become a beautiful valley and the adjacent garden can become a tropical forest with many monsters and predators. Discover, experience and build your home.

Your cell phone looks like a window. When you see the real world through an animated screen, a whole new 3D space is displayed. On the table you can see a big tree with lots of birds and animals.

This is a fictional world, a wild world. Created in the real world, you can do whatever you want, regardless of the team or the police.

This graphics software can discover people. When someone enters the game screen, they automatically push virtual objects back and forth. Thanks to this, players can feel like an adventurous person in a difficult world.

Game Play

The games in Minecraft Earth are similar to Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Unite Wizards, and players can interact with the virtual world in different ways.

If you want to explore other places, you should go outside and to this place instead of playing lazily on the sofa. Nobody says what to do and finds everything with their feet. Tap, destroy and destroy what you want


That is our review of the Minecraft Earth Apk Game which we have explained in detail. This is an interesting game if you like AR genre games. So what are you waiting for just download and install this game via the download link that we have provided. Thank you

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