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CooCoo WhatsApp Mod – WhatsApp is one of the most popular video chat and call applications in the world. And active users reach an average of 1.5 billion a month.

WhatsApp is known as the simplest application, which has many strange functions and cannot change themes. For this reason, many users have switched to using a modified Wa as a way to experience a different experience.

If the display in your normal WhatsApp application is boring, Coo Coo WhatsApp is the right and best way to try it.

This application offers more than 70 types of WhatsApp themes that you can change and are available for free through the official WhatsApp function. What’s unique is this application is free to use or also called “anti-lock”.

But before you use it, you must back up the chat to prevent unwanted behavior.

What is Coocoo WhatsApp?

CooCoo WhatsApp Mod

Coocoo WhatsApp is a great application, because many applications have been modified to look new, very different and interesting.

It’s easy to communicate and can talk with friends or family. This Whatsapp is different from other Whatsapp programs.

CooCoo WhatsApp Mod Apk

In this application there are many excellent themes that you can choose among the many functions available on Coocoo Whatsapp apk, free, easy to use and especially anti-banned.

In general, in the whatsapp application that you normally use, you are limited to transferring images, videos and other file types, but with this application you can use all of these functions without limitations.

Coocoo WhatsApp Mod Apk feature

  • Simple and easy to use
  • More than 70 different effects are available for video calls.
  • There is an official WhatsApp function
  • There are no advertisements.
  • There are no age restrictions for using this application.
  • There are face effects, textures, all you have to do is register if you want to use this Cuckoo application. Just like when you enter your WA number again.

How do you install the CooCoo WhatsApp application?

Of course you must first install before using the application. Here are a few steps:

  1. First download CooCoo WhatsApp apk.
  2. Before installation, we recommend that you go to Settings-> Chat-> Backup now to back up your WhatsApp application.
  3. Open the store, find the WA folder, create a folder with the zip extension and save.
  4. After saving, you can delete the official application and install CoCoo WhatsApp.
  5. Open the installed application and enter it with the WA number.
  6. If you have extensive notifications, click Download Now.
  7. Enter the verification code sent via SMS.
  8. Enter your WA name and profile.
  9. When you receive a message, select Restore now to restore your previous chat.

That’s our discussion about CooCoo WhatsApp Mod Apk. You can easily download and install it in the way we have given above, good luck and thank you.

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